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Dave "Boon" Benton Classes - Threat Management Solutions

One of six CIA security contractors that inspired the film 13 HOURS: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Dave "Boon" Benton has a combined 25 years serving in specialized teams and leadership roles in the military, law enforcement, high threat and high net worth protective security, and the intelligence community. He has held many positions on various teams from assaulter, sniper, breacher, tactical medical provider, team leader, and instructor positions from explosive entry to SWAT. His specialized knowledge blended with his competitive shooting and combative sports experience ( Boxing ,BJJ, MMA, USPSA) give him the depth to provide full spectrum realistic training solutions .
  • 09/05/23 - Tuesday - Defensive Carbine Tactics (AR-15/AK/Pistol Cal Cabines) - 8:30am-4:00pm
    09/05/23 - Tuesday - Defensive Carbine Tactics (AR-15/AK/Pistol Cal Cabines) - 8:30am-4:00pm
    The Defensive Carbine Course introduces the student to Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures to properly deploy and employ a carbine for defensive purposes. Topics covered include •Mindset / Awareness/ OODA •Lines of gear •Ballistics •Weapons Safety and Manipulations •Accelerated Fundamentals and Defensive Marksmanship •Weapons Transitions •Loading / Unloading •Tactical Reloads •Proper use of Cover •Justifiable Use of Deadly Force. Requirements: •Pistol of least 9mm or larger •2 Pistol Magazines •Spare Pistol Magazine Pouch •Holster that stays open after drawing (Absolutely NO NYLON holsters ) •200 Rounds of Pistol Ammo •Defensive Carbine in 5.56, 300 blk, 9mm, etc.. •2 Spare Carbine Magazines •Ability to carry spare magazines on your body •300 Rounds of Carbine Ammo •Tactical sling for Carbine ( 2 point sling preferred) •Ear and Eye Protection
    Price: $350.00
  • 09/06/23 - Wednesday - Tactical Immediate Response Training - 8:30am-4:00pm
    09/06/23 - Wednesday - Tactical Immediate Response Training - 8:30am-4:00pm
    This is a tactical development course for the student that has made the legal and moral decision to intervene in an active killing or medical emergency, acting as a force multiplier by influencing the situation in a positive manner until First Responders can arrive on scene. Equipment Required: •Service pistol of at least 9mm •3 magazine minimum •Ability to carry at least 1 spare magazine on your person •Quality concealment holster that stays open after drawing •Quality magazine pouch •Cover garment •250 rounds of ammo •Wrap around eye protection •Hearing protection. Recommended/Not Required: •Long sleeves for force on force evolutions •2nd line Go Bag
    Price: $350.00
  • 09/07/23 - Thursday - Armed Vehicle Defense - 8:30am-4:00pm
    09/07/23 - Thursday - Armed Vehicle Defense - 8:30am-4:00pm
    Vehicle Defense Course focuses on fundamental defensive skills in and around vehicles. This course will cover concealed carry considerations while seated in the vehicle. Topics Covered : •Safe weapons manipulations in and around vehicles •Justifiable use of force •Awareness /mindset/OODA Loop •Concealed Carry considerations while seated. •Shooting in and out of vehicles •Vehicle TTP’s •Vehicle Ballistic Lab of your defensive rounds •Vehicle use of cover •Protecting multiple passengers •Managing multiple threats •Force on Force. Suggested Equipment: •Quality IWB or OWB holster (**NO NYLON HOLSTERS **holster must remain open after drawing pistol) •Open or closed concealment garment •Quality pistol of at least 9mm/.38 caliber •Ability to carry at least one spare magazine or speed loader on your body •At least 3 magazines or speed loaders •350 rounds of ammunition and 5 rounds of carry/duty ammunition •Wrap around eye protection •Hearing protection (noise canceling ear muffs preferred)
    Price: $350.00