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Second Shots

Second Shots
If you have taken our very popular First Steps class, this is the perfect course to progress into selecting which centerfire handgun will be the best fit for you. Our instructors have pre-selected several of the best suited concealed carry handguns, all varying in different calibers, for you to shoot and evaluate. You will be able to gain first-hand experience comparing and firing many of the most popular calibers and models of handguns which will give you the experience necessary to make an educated purchase in regard to which firearm is best suited for your comfort level, skill level and purpose. This course is all inclusive. Ultimate Defense provides handguns, ammunition, safety glasses, hearing protection, everything you need to complete this course. Age Requirements: 13 years and older (13-20 must be accompanied by an adult 21 and over). Classes are NON REFUNDABLE, however you may exchange for another class of the same type on a different date if something comes up that prevents you from attending.